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Air Fresheners

Remove nasty odours and create a fresh smelling environment with our range of aerosol / non-aerosol fragrance dispensers.








Ensure your washrooms smell fresh and clean with the Airoma automatic aerosol air freshener. Simply Hygiene will use a flexible programming option to match your exact location and conditions.

Available in white, bright chrome and brushed chrome.




The Omniscent large space fragrance delivery system provides continuous and consistent fragrance delivery to large interior spaces, creating a positive user experience in areas such as locker rooms, gyms, reception areas and hotels.

Available in white, bright chrome and brushed chrome.




The Pro-Zone ozone generator cleans and rejuvenates the air we breathe, refreshing the atmosphere and bringing outdoor freshness indoors.

The ozone produced by Pro-Zone destroys harmful micro-organisms and breaks down malodour causing compounds therefore neutralising unpleasant smells.





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